While we can help just about anyone who is serious about their financial future, we specialize in those who are nearing retirement, are retired or those who are recently single.

Nearing Retirement

Have you ever spoken to someone who told you they were all set to retire “until the stock market dropped” and now they have to delay their retirement? This is a scenario we work to avoid. It is critically important to create a retirement plan to minimize the impact the markets have on your decision for financial independence.

We create a plan that is timely, simple and flexible so you can retire with confidence and on your own terms. As your life unfolds and needs evolve, our processes, philosophies and strategies allow us to continually monitor your progress and be there to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Financial planning is not a one time event, it is something that never stops.


Being retired for many people can be a scary way of life. After decades of earning a steady paycheck, all of a sudden you have to live with social security, maybe a pension and your investment assets. We attempt to remove the anxiety that comes with no paycheck by building a financial plan that strives to replace your income as much as possible, while maintaining total flexibility in case your needs should change. Along life’s journey you will be faced with many critical financial events. Critical financial events are anything and everything that pertains to and affect your finances, either now, or in the future. Sometimes they are predictable and planned but our experience is that they are more often random. One thing we do know is that they can have a profound impact on peoples’ lives. Your life will have its own pattern of critical financial events and you will be much happier throughout life and have greater piece of mind knowing you have a retirement plan in place to account for those events.

Recently Single

The sudden loss of a spouse or partner, either by death or divorce can be a serious shock to most people. This is especially true if the spouse that is gone was the one that handled the finances. At this point in life, it is important to have someone you trust. Facing life alone is scary enough without having to worry that your money is safe and that things will “be OK”. We help our clients adapt to their new lifestyles by creating plans aimed at taking care of their immediate needs but staying flexible enough to change no matter how their lives unfold. We simply become your decision partners. We can help you work through all of the critical financial events you face and give you the peace of mind to know you are making the best decisions for you.

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